The key to making an unforgettable impression is a well-fitted suit, regardless of the designer, style, or color.

◾ The suit jacket should lie flat on your shoulders and align with your natural shoulder line. Bunching or sagging throws off the structure and balance of the suit.

◾ When wearing a suit jacket, remember that the sleeve should reveal 1/2 inch of shirt cuff when your arms are at rest. This creates a polished look. Adding a peak through the sleeve helps to create a clean and polished appearance. If the sleeves are too long, they can give a droopy, oversized look which can make it appear as if you have outgrown your suit.

◾ The jacket should rest at the knuckles when your arms are down, and it should cover your rear without bunching up when you sit. If the jacket is too long, it can make you appear shorter, while a jacket that is too short will disrupt the suit’s balance.

◾ A properly fitting suit jacket should fit snugly around the midsection, striking a balance between comfort and a neat appearance.

◾ The length of suit pants should be such that they have a small break just above your dress shoes. If the pants are too long and bunch up, it can appear unflattering. If the pants are too short, it can expose more socks and appear too small.