A lapel is a folded flap of cloth located on the front of a suit jacket. At Suit Up, when you’re designing your suit, we provide all three types of lapels for you to choose from.

◈ Notched Lapel (Step Lapel or Step Collar): The notch lapel is a timeless and traditional choice, commonly featured on suit jackets, blazers, and sport jackets.

◈ Peaked Lapel (Pointed Lapel): If you’re looking for a bolder statement, the peaked lapel, slightly larger than its counterparts, is often seen on double-breasted jackets, exuding sophistication.

◈ Shawl Lapel (Shawl Collar or Roll Collar): For those seeking an elegant and formal touch, the shawl lapel with its continuous curve is a popular choice, particularly on tuxedos.

Each lapel type brings its own unique character, allowing our clients to tailor their suit jackets to their personal style preferences.
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